Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh How Do I Love The Read

Fact: I am a 3 books a week kind of girl. The main reason I keep, um, "forgetting" to blog is because I let myself get sucked into another series.
It is February, and the love, as well as a little challenge for you, is in the air. Earlier today I was daydreaming *again* and it occurred to me how well many book couples sounded together. 10 minutes later...
a cool little poem for you guys.
The Challenge?
The poem is full of nerd-,er, booktastic character references.
Think you know them all?

How Do I Love The Read- written in total awesomeness by Kurligirli

You are the Jack to my Katla
The Sam to my Grace
You think I look pretty
With crud on my face
Like Christian and Clara
We'd fly though the sky
and unlike ol' Sarah
You'd never say good by
You would leave me red tulips
Make my heart like a mixer
I'd think of you always
as I drink my elixir
Even as I run 50 miles per hour
The sheer thought of you is the source of my power
Like Locke and Jenna we may not be real
But my happiness lays in the way that we feel
I may be sounding childish like Miss Riley Bloom
But each day without you is everlasting doom
The time fighting bad guys is like crap on my shoe...
Squishing into the time I should be spending with you

Think you know what books I kept referring to? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

And the Angel Said "Do not be afriad, for.... there is still time to shop"

I am going to ask you this question, and I want you to answer it honestly.
What does Christmas mean to you?
Don't give your automatic fake answer, like 'happiness'.
That's what you did, didn't you?

What does Christmas meant to anyone anymore? Look around. All I see is mall Santas and wish lists.

There is ever a 'shopping guide' taped to the inside of the bathroom stalls.... at church.

I'm not going to judge you if you are one of those 'peace, love, and ohh JCP is having a sale!' kind of people.
Who are we really to point fingers at?
What is there even to point at?

For many, Christmas still has a true purpose. Everyone is together, the kids stop fighting for a few days, all really is calm and bright.

I'm not going to say what I feel when I think of Christmas. That is not the point.
Think about this season, what ever your reason for it may be, and really ask yourself.

What does Christmas really mean to me?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The 12 Days of My Family

The Thanksgiving leftovers are finally cleaned out, the jingle-bells that have been blasting on the radio since Halloween are finally okay, my cute little tree is up...
now what do I have to look forward to?

The 12 Days of My Family

On the 12th day of Christmas, my family gave to me....

12 trips to Wal-Mart

11 snotty tissues

10 broken angels

9 video game hacks

8 dayquil doses

7 netflix movies

6 out-grown bathrobes

5 germ-x squirts..... *dramatic pause*

4 trips to the doctor

3 annoying children

2 Easter bunnies

and a rapping paper nazi!! *

Merry Christmas everyone!

*yes, I said 'rapping paper nazi'. That is the nickname my father has earned over the years due to his habit of cleaning up every bit of wrapping paper before letting us move onto the next gift. He wears this title with a smile on his face and a black trash bag in his hand.

Thanks to my brothers (aka annoying kids numbers 2 and 3) for helping me write this!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top Nine Reasons to Bring Back "The Nine Lives of Chloe King"

I recently got the worst news since those rumors about paying for Facebook: "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" (on ABC Family) is on the chopping block.

Um... excuse me?

For anyone that has read my posts before you already know that I am
A) A science fiction/ fantasy super-fan
B) A teenage girl
C) Can get really annoying when I know something needs to be changed.

So *drum roll please* here we have it......
Top 9 reasons to bring back The 9 Lives of Chloe King

9) Our problem started before the show even aired. The word didn't get out soon enough! ABC spent all their time and money advertising for shows that already had followers and were putting their main focus on everything else. We got it: "Pretty Little Liars" would be bigger then ever and "Switched at Birth" is going to be a hit. Message taken. By the time the news about "Chloe King" got out enough it was too far into the season to get caught up.

8) Hello! They got nominated for TWO Teen Choice awards! Not only was it up for breakout show of the year (which, might I point out, it may have won if it wasn't for reason #9) but Skyler Samuels- better known as Chloe herself- was up for breakout star.

7) While I have no proof, I'm going to guess the people giving the ratings are NOT the target audience, in this case, high school and collage girls.

6) Chloe King gave us what TV seems to be missing: Science fiction that teens like! It's time to face the fact that we can't watch "Wizards of Waverly Place" forever (and even if we could that's ending soon). Us fantasy lovers need something as well. First ABC got rid of "No Ordinary Family", and now this? Come on people. This is a major genre that should get its fix as well, otherwise ABC will be losing even more viewers.

5) Although the exact number of times is unknown, "Alek" has trended on Twitter worldwide more then once.

4) Might I just point out that...

A) C.K. had more combined viewers on the first three episodes then the first three of "The Lying Game"

B) This aired the day after "Switched at Birth" which was REALLY popular therefor giving channel surfers a false sense of the good premiers being over.

3) Did you even see the last "Chloe King"? HUGE cliffhanger! It would be unfair and cruel for them to not even post online what should have happened. I mean for gosh sakes they get us all excited (long lost brother, unknown whether half the characters were alive, etc..) and pumped then leave us hanging. Its not even like anyone could read the book to find out due to the fact that they changed the storyline more then Taylor Swift changes her crush.

2) Team Alek vs Team Brian. This is so big I don't even know where to begin. There have been Facebook and Twitter debates over them. People couldn't get enough of fighting over the cuties! Go ahead: type in "Team Alek" on the Facebook search (sorry former Brian fans, there were HUNDREDS of search results). Everyone went NUTS! It was a mini Edward and Jacob war! Why ruin that?

1) With all the social sites and ways to communicate today, fans aren't going to stop until someone listens. So if anyone wants the fan war to continue, go ahead. I just gave you 8 good reasons not to go on sitting there like opinions don't matter. If it isn't for viewers and what they think there would be no pop culture- no music, no movies, no books.... what makes today would be zero. So wise up and listen (and I'm not just talking ABC). You might actually learn something!

So come on! Save our show!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hi again!

I'm still alive!
Ok, so sorry about not posting at all this summer. My computer kept crapping out on me.
But now I have a new laptop and I promise to get blogging again!


(meanwhile, if you know anyone that enjoys teen blogs every now and then, tell them how to find me!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kurligirli's Guide to Broken Summer Promises

By now most of us are out of school for the summer. Tons of plans, bright sun, and total freedom until August!
Sounds promising, right?
It always does.
For many people, it is already about week 3 of the failed promises. Sure, there were some good times at the end of May, but those are just memories now. Or maybe you are one of those types of people that forgot about break until you/your kids started bringing home all the crap from your/ their locker/desk.
Then there are the people who are realizing just now that its break (explains why the kids are having such a long weekend, huh?)
Fear not! Because.. this... is... *overly dramatic pause*
*crowd goes wild*
Simply look for your type of Broken Summer Promise, read the buster, and get on with your life! (Please. The fact that you are even reading this shows you have way too much time on your hands.)

The Over Excited Mother
I put this one first because I see it all the time. These parents plan all this fun stuff to do with the family, then never get around to it.
Bust this probelm: Kids- Put on the puppy dog face and drop little hints. Like when emptying the dishwasher throw in a little "I bet this spoon had lots of fun getting wet. Almost like a water park... hay Mom, didnt you say...."
Mom- If it's a family emergency or money is tight, let the kids know that. If not, WHAT UP? It may seem harmless now, but breaking plans on your kids is gunna come up and bite you in the butt one day. They will remember, so next time they forget to do something and you get angry... well, sorry. You have that one coming.

The Bookworm
You have read half the library, fininshed the summer reading program more then once, and havn't stepped foot outside all summer.
Bust this problem: Take it from me: this may seem like a good idea in May but gets boring after you read your 5th book that week. Get out there already! Call up a friend, start a garden... ANYTHING. Books are great (I, personally, have already read 8 this summer) but so is fresh air. Even the kids at Hogwarts and Blackthorn get a break!
(For some break ideas look at other problem busters)

On a budget
Ok, so money is a little tight this year. You want to go do something but just don't have the cash.
Bust this problem: No money to spare? No problem! Staying at home can be just as fun as a vacation. Some of the many ways to make the best of what you already have are:
*Set up sleeping bags and a tent in the living room or the backyard and go camping
*Wash the car: lets see who can get the most wet
*Have a bakesale in your driveway
*Invite some friends over for the ultimate pillow fight
*Check out some books from the library to learn something new. Who would have thought there were so many ways to make a paper airplane or that Amelia Earhart had a sister named Muriel?

The Bored Sports Fan
Basketball camp ended a week ago, no school= no gym class, and you are getting restless.
Bust this problem: There are countless ways get active from home. Try inviting all the kids from your block over for a water balloon fight. Some friendly compatition that will keep you cool!

I'm bad at planning!
Do you forget what you were doing 20 minutes ago? Would you rather swim with a hungry shark then be incharge of somone's party?
Bust this problem: There are plenty of things to do that require no pre-planning at all. Take a walk or go to the zoo. Just don't forget your waterbottle!

A little too popular
You are over booked, have plans left and right, and never get any time for yourself.
Bust this problem: Follow the golden planning rule- whatever you said yes to first you go with. And remember, it is okay to say no when someone asks you to make plans!

No matter what your plans (or lack of) are this year, I hope you make the best of it!

Happy Summer!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy (almost) Birthday!

Joyeux anniversaire to the person that is always there for me

Feliz aniversário to the New England girl who grew up and somehow ended up in Missouri

Plurimos annos to an amazing writer, cook and friend

Feliz cumplea├▒os to the only person that knows me so well its creepy

Gratulerer med dagen to the woman that can make a joke out of anything

Maligayang kaarawan to the crazy lady that dances to Katy Perry in the school drop off lane

Buon compleanno to a splash of Coffeee Mate in both cups every morning

Furaha ya kuzaliwa to my hero

Happy birthday Mom :)

*French, Portuguese, Latin, Spanish, Norwegian, Filipino, Italian, and Swahili. All translatins done on Google Translater on of 1/31/2011