Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh How Do I Love The Read

Fact: I am a 3 books a week kind of girl. The main reason I keep, um, "forgetting" to blog is because I let myself get sucked into another series.
It is February, and the love, as well as a little challenge for you, is in the air. Earlier today I was daydreaming *again* and it occurred to me how well many book couples sounded together. 10 minutes later...
a cool little poem for you guys.
The Challenge?
The poem is full of nerd-,er, booktastic character references.
Think you know them all?

How Do I Love The Read- written in total awesomeness by Kurligirli

You are the Jack to my Katla
The Sam to my Grace
You think I look pretty
With crud on my face
Like Christian and Clara
We'd fly though the sky
and unlike ol' Sarah
You'd never say good by
You would leave me red tulips
Make my heart like a mixer
I'd think of you always
as I drink my elixir
Even as I run 50 miles per hour
The sheer thought of you is the source of my power
Like Locke and Jenna we may not be real
But my happiness lays in the way that we feel
I may be sounding childish like Miss Riley Bloom
But each day without you is everlasting doom
The time fighting bad guys is like crap on my shoe...
Squishing into the time I should be spending with you

Think you know what books I kept referring to? Let me know in the comments!

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